Okay you know what, let's do it---one like, one phone photo!

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@prplecake this was about five years ago! he is a huge cat though, he weighs about 20 lbs

@Garrison he's just making sure the officiant reads everything right

@checkervest that is one heckuva herald angel singing. gonna hark him.

@hex I keep saying I'm going to make this into a holiday card but the quality of the photo is so bad

@checkervest even the more reason to give it the extra shine and on a fancy card with this grainy ass photo. i love it. i'll take 50

@checkervest Here I was thinking this is a Mr. Bean wax figure 😂🤣😂

@root someone rolls up to the bank wearing this I'm giving them whatever they ask for so they leave as soon as possible

@checkervest this is genuinely more frightening than any movie serial killer mask that I can think of. Maybe Leatherface is worse but only because I know his mask is made of faces

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