Okay you know what, let's do it---one like, one phone photo!

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@touk I have no recollection what this is from, but it's absolute aesthetic

@checkervest Where is the lower half of Lando? Are he and Chewie dating? Why is R2 angry and turning away from the camera?

@breakfastgolem I only have answers to one of these questions: Chewie is cradling Lando like a baby, so you can kind of see his legs going off to the right as Chewie cradles his butt in both hands

@checkervest Gwendoline Christie can grab my face like that any time she wants. 👀

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@checkervest Here I was thinking this is a Mr. Bean wax figure 😂🤣😂

@root someone rolls up to the bank wearing this I'm giving them whatever they ask for so they leave as soon as possible

@checkervest this is genuinely more frightening than any movie serial killer mask that I can think of. Maybe Leatherface is worse but only because I know his mask is made of faces

@checkervest like if you saw someone walking towards you wearing this mask your fight or flight instinct would immediately kick in

@Thomas it's so upsetting. it's just like a horrible visceral reaction every time I see it. the human eyes are the worst part

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