I love this guy's expression. every time I see this image it fills me with delight. what emotion are you conveying my darling

Thank you for the giggle, was not expecting him to feature again; still have no grasp of his...anything.

@wordsmith I was scrolling back through my media posts looking for something else and spotted him! I love him

@checkervest That's a medieval Rowan Atkinson if I've ever seen one

@checkervest not sure if he's swallowing or vomiting the frog

I choose to assume it's the former to fit the "swallow a frog" idiom (for doing something unpleasant) and because it makes it funnier to me 😁

also, just learned that "swallowing a frog" is an idiom in more than one language, so that's cool

@checkervest apparently there's a quote about swallowing a frog in the morning that's misattributed to Mark Twain but it looks like, ultimately, it was some other guy as usual haha


@checkervest @meqif That’s all fine, but can we talk about how cheerful the frog looks? Even while being thrown up/eaten, the frog is like “Wheeee!!!”

@Bella @checkervest that's so good! 🤣

I keep coming back to this image and asking "friend, why are you having a fish with your coffee instead of a pastry?"

@checkervest i don't know what's going on here, but i like it.

@checkervest Or Baha men even, I forget my shit 90s pop acts

@frankie holy shit this is incredible, I love it. do you sell prints?

@checkervest i just wanna say thank you for the stellar alt text

@checkervest moisturized, unbothered, in my lane, (which was apparently a guy's throat), flourishing

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