@checkervest the key is to switch hands when it gets too hot

@MmeLibertine @derek @checkervest my spouse just got a mug like this for x-mas so she can use her tea to keep her hands warm :skull_laughting_with_tears:

@checkervest the way i hold a mug isn’t in there, so i guess I’m off the charts
@checkervest index, middle, and ring fingers inside the handle, pulling back, with my thumb and pinky bracing against the mug

@Garrison oh that's neat! the thumb and the pinky must add a lot of stability

@Garrison @checkervest This minus the pinky is mine. I figure mine is just a variant on True Neutral, but the pinky drives yours off the chart. =)
@checkervest @Garrison ... I had to go grab a mug to observe myself. Actually only my index is in the ear of the mug; My thumb, middle and ring are on the body of the mug.

@checkervest I’m chaotic good most of the time, personally

@Thomas I am impressed with anyone in the chaotic row, that mug side is just too hot for my hands

@checkervest I get that! I go true neutral on occasion as well

@checkervest @Thomas Any of the chaos ones for me, although sometimes true neutral. I wouldn't say my hands are very heatproof though, I accidentally bumped my thumb knuckle on a lukewarm iron yesterday and was whining about it for an hour.

@wordsmith it definitely seems like a comforting way to hold a mug on a cold day

@LunaDragofelis hmm good point, lawful good and chaotic evil both don't have heat lines, gotta say the cold tea would definitely add to the chaos

@checkervest chaotic neutral, why do mugs even HAVE handles

@checkervest my secret is: I never drink anything really hot

@Louisa @checkervest
For what it's worth, if a hot drink mug gets hot on the outside, it's a bad hot drink mug imo

@checkervest where's the cup with the matching lid

i use a mug with a matching lid for tea because why not, it came with my steeper dkfhskf

@checkervest I seem to be more chaotic neutral than chaotic neutral on this chart. I do the "glass without a handle grip" as pictured, but with the handle facing inward toward the palm.

@eviloatmeal I am having a hard time picturing that. the handle is pressed into your palm?

@eviloatmeal ahhh okay I can picture it now. I drink out of big old 14 oz mugs so I could not even remotely picture how this was working haha

@checkervest I don't know if mug shape / size particularly affects it. As long as you can physically hold the mug, you can do the double chaos palm grip. This, for example, is a 16 oz mug, basically a cereal bowl with a handle.

@nasamuffin absolutely, high stability, low amount of hand touching hot ceramic

@checkervest Chaotic good for me, I'd never have coffee if I went lawful evil cuz i'd drop them all lol

@balrogboogie every time I hold a mug the lawful evil way I spend the whole time thinking "shit I'm going to drop it" and that has never made me change my behavior haha

@checkervest chaotic lawfully, when it's very full, it's the most spill-safe way.
Lawfull good, when it's not that full or very hot, feels the most stable for my hands

@dalius_berger lawful good is especially helpful in cases with delicate china or small mugs

@checkervest I missed the comma the first time I read this, also I switch between chaotic good and chaotic neutral apparently

@bright_helpings @checkervest I also let my tea sit until it is merely warm, which seems like a monk thing if I'm building a whole character based on my beverage habits

@tessaracked @bright_helpings I drink mine pretty hot, my mom brews hers even hotter but she adds milk which helps

@tessaracked yes, I am the lawful evil baby haha

they both seem very comforting!

Well that makes me fluctuate between CG and NG - sounds about right.
But I think what represents Lawful Good is a symbol of aristocratic privilage so should really be Lawful Evil...

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