I honestly don't think there are enough suitable songs to make a 2021 Cognitohazard Holiday Playlist, but please enjoy the ones from 2020 and 2019! They're all songs that sound just enough like Christmas songs to be confusing

These are brought to you by the fact that "Sound of Silence" by Disturbed is 100% recorded exactly like a Christmas song, my brother and I have a long running game of sneaking it onto holiday playlists and seeing how long it takes people to notice (pretty long!)

@checkervest oh thank god I was going to feel really bad that I cant contribute anything new this year

@kiosk I was going to try to scrape together maybe 12, but realistically we were scraping the bottom of the barrel last year haha

@checkervest Oh man this is the first I’ve heard of these! I made an Apple Music playlist for 2019; I’ll make 2020 later probably

@checkervest I’ll never be able to listen to “F you” by Lily Allen the same way again.

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