Good morning! It's absolutely a Monday

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@MmeLibertine I am not great but I have confidence that it will get better today! how's your morning going so far?

@checkervest it's okay, thank you! I hope your day improves, you deserve so many good things!

@MmeLibertine you do too! only a nice Monday for us today, I have decreed it

@checkervest morning! and yea, it really is, i feel like a spoiled brat but my long weekend just doesn't seem long enough now that it's monday again

@balrogboogie I was not at all ready for the weekend to end!! ๐Ÿ˜ก

@checkervest Good morning! Already a busy one today, but perhaps rest in the afternoon

@GoatsLive Good luck with everything today! I hope you do get some chances to rest this afternoon!

@checkervest Thanks! Just back from the garage. Got a nail in my tire and it was time for an oil change anyway. Home finally, and maybe I'll relax now? ๐Ÿ˜

@derek I have absolutely zero ability to focus on work today, how's your Monday going so far?

@checkervest yeah I'm with you, I'd weather be back home lmao

I might share a story later because it's been a weird one so far, though

@derek oh dang I hope it calms down over there! can't wait to hear the story

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