I read something years ago about how we don't have a lot of kids' toys in the historical record because they're usually made out of things that aren't going to last for thousands of years, like fabric or wood or straw, and I think about that a lot


Look at these cute little Bronze Age baby bottles!! I love that parents were like "it's for the baby gotta give it little feets"

thinking about these again today and having Feelings at my desk

My boss: "hey did you process that invoice for... uh..."

me, weeping: "they made their kids sippy cups with little feet, look how much they loved them"

@checkervest the design of sippy cups has not changed in millenia!!!

@checkervest them feets.. look at them. Little feetsies. They have feet Alex!

@checkervest I love these! I literally cried the first time I found out about them. IIRC the tail has a little hole in it for the baby to sip out of

@checkervest so cool to see stuff that connects you to people who lived so far in the past like this. like yes, their lives were much, much different from ours, but they still made cutesy things for their babies because of course they did, babies are babies

@balrogboogie absolutely! This stuff just hits me so hard. people were still people and they liked to do the same things that we do even though there's this huge gulf of time between us

@checkervest are they from Australia? Those look like kangaroos or wallabies.

And they are utterly charming

@Sorl it looks like these are from Central Europe. It’s such a cute design!!

@checkervest recently read about a medieval child-rearing manual that suggested scolding & spanking the *furniture* when clumsy toddlers bumped into it

@nev I almost linked Onfim today!! Those drawings really really tug at my heart

@checkervest A more effective method to derail bosses than my Attorney's Sterling Engine that used to live on his CRT monitor.

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