Reminder that color photos of early 1900's Russia exist and are pretty awesome (scroll down for the photos)


Also like, on this subject, please remember AI colorizations are not reliable, here's what happened when someone ran black and white versions of these vibrant images through an AI (twitter link)

@checkervest i'm so impressed with the beautiful clothes, especially the purple dress...

@checkervest okay, I need to mock this by pointing at how American settlers did tend to wear somewhat drab colors, for both good reasons (they weren't really trained in dye making, and importing it to their colonial settlements cost a lot) and bad reasons (America is descended from religious extremists who disliked everything that made the world bearable), the propaganda of modern prosperity includes dyes, and how a lot of these AIs are made by Americans who look at their historical record and the aforementioned propaganda for training material.

American Protestant Colorization AI

@DissonantEevee American settlers actually wore a surprising amount of colors, calico was relatively cheap and easy to dye, and while some colors were absolutely more expensive, people were also pretty resourceful with finding natural dyes but absolutely, there is a bias in the people teaching these systems how to colorize these images. there's also a huge issue where AI cannot handle skin color differences and will dramatically lighten and flatten skin colors

@checkervest I read colorization as colonization, I was a little confused at first.

@checkervest feels like the ai has learned how media represents the past by making a scene drabber.

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