Good morning to everyone but especially this itty bitty gecko who tried to sneak into my kitchen this morning

@checkervest Cute thing, I had one this morning blocking a camera lens as it warmed itself on the infrared lights! Hope you have a super day, already busy here, and heading down to visit my brother. Then I have a giant tree that's being taken out this afternoon (too close to the house and septic)

@GoatsLive you too, good luck with the tree! I hope the removal is safe and efficient!!

@tsturm @maxeddy they were trying to catch it immediately, that's how I found it. they take their jobs as pest control very seriously!

@checkervest Alex, at this point I feel like you're some woodland witch or a dryad or SOMETHING because you always have animals visiting you. Spiders are the only thing that visit me

@ItsJenNotGabby @checkervest I had one of these geckos fall on my head the other day! It's simply part of being in the South

@Thomas @ItsJenNotGabby it helps that I've worked and lived at several places that are on the edge of the woods and aren't necessarily well-maintained by the people who own them!

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