Art people of Mastodon: any recommendations for books or other resources on learning color theory? Boosts extremely welcome

@extinct @georgespolitzer oooooh 👀

This one looks great, thank you so much for the recommendation!!

@extinct @georgespolitzer @checkervest I second the "Color and Light" book for color theory, lighting, texture, and rendering.

@checkervest if you can get ahold of a copy of this as a supplemental thing — because it is old and dated etc —, ‘color problems’ by emily noyes vanderpoel is my fav

@mood oooh okay thank you!! I will see if I can track a copy down

@checkervest i've got a book by Josef Albers called "Interaction of Color" that I quite like. Might not be the best, but I like it :)

@antijingoist @checkervest @c0debabe Oh my! I just looked at the hair color one which was very interesting to me.

thank you for the share!

@checkervest I’ve got these three books for textile art. Some of the concepts in them will transfer to other kinds of art.

@checkervest And these. They’ve got a bit more colour theory in them than the previous three.

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