Behaviorists are so frequently focused on viewing animals as emotionless robots who only respond to stimulus in preprogrammed ways, it must be a pretty joyless way to view the world

I was told by one once that all animals are just a bundle of wiring with nothing really behind that, no feelings or emotions, just responses, and god, what a horrible way to view things

@checkervest @kiosk this is probably the best meme ever made because no one knows who originally made it. it just showed up somewhere one day with no one making any claims as to being the one who actually made it.

@radicalrobit @kiosk it's one of those things I think about constantly. their expressions. the phrasing. every time I see it I'm delighted.

@checkervest @kiosk "Hypocrite that you are" is definitely a phrase permanently stuck in my head.

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