Once again I am begging genre books to use real curse words

@checkervest Balgor's teeth you can't expect a wight to drink with elves!!

@Thomas this book is using “rut” as a placeholder for literally every swear and it’s so so exhausting

@checkervest @Thomas how is it that that makes it sound grosser than just using a swear 🤢

@checkervest @radicalrobit yeah, that’s way worse! Everything is in English except the swears, lol

@checkervest wait which book is this, I read a book recently that used "rutting" a lot but I don't remember what it was

@balrogboogie it's the second book in the Bloodright trilogy, Oaths of Legacy

@checkervest hmm no haven't read that one, i'll have to look through my library history but i know i just read one with terrible swearing lol

@balrogboogie it's such a trope in sci fi and fantasy and I really hate it! at least shake it up a little and make up a couple more swears so you're not just repeating the same one over and over!! or just say "dang" and "heck" if your editor won't let you say "fuck"

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