My extremely offline coworker: Are you okay?

Me, pointing to this bottle, barely holding it together, wheezing: j.... j......

@checkervest why are you drinking out of something, which is turning into jeans???

@checkervest this answer surprised me... You got a "like"!!!

@checkervest 😂 your extremely online friends are dying laughing in solidarity tho

@checkervest cut out the middle man and simply wear a garland of plastic water bottles as pants

@Thomas @checkervest to slip the surly bonds of bottle, and touch the face of jeans

@jaytom @Louisa @Thomas @checkervest you walk around on your legs. I encase legs in durable cotton fabric. We are not the same

@checkervest If they actually gave a shit about the environment, they wouldn't be selling bottled water.

Also, plastic clothing is NOT a solution to this problem. The only real reason plastics are used in place of cotton is because it's cheaper, and plastic clothing sheds microplastics into the environment. Plastic recycling in general is IN ITSELF essentially greenwashing. The only eco-friendly plastic is the kind that is never manufactured.

@AgreeableLandscape my darling the world is burning, you must allow me one moment of levity

@beckett I mean almost all jeans have at least a little polyester in them

@checkervest Stretch jeans, maybe? If they're not almost entirely cotton are they really denim?

@beckett many jeans have at least 2% polyester, it helps them keep their shape

@emacsen or the
chemical Subway used to use in their bread that is also apparently used in yoga mats

@checkervest What is the recycling logo, general at the bottom? If it's PP, P or 7 it's PolyPropylene, it can be recycled as jean but can perturb your hormonal system. More generally, bottles are rarely recycled, and mostly finish in nature Afrca or the few Asian countries that still accept them. Water for bottles are take by multinational (like Danone, Nestlé,...) in mountain sources, and dry rivers, and by the way destroy ecosystems, and cut access to free water to local people. This also do lot of trucks on roads for moving them from one part of a country where they are put in bottles to hundreds of km away where they are drunk. The trucks tires, goes in the air, to the draining waters, finish in soils, rivers, etc....

@popolon you see you take the "b" away from "bottle" and replace it with the "j" from "jeans" and create a delightful new word

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