“How dare people *checks notes* pick up road trash, this is suspicious, to me”

Every single comment was people asking him what the fuck was wrong with him

@checkervest I'd bet a hundred bucks this guy picking up trash was black, given nextdoor's penchant for racism


@checkervest illegal to carry a cellphone during the week, got it

@checkervest people on Nextdoor really think every possible activity is a front for casing houses. Picking up trash? Casing houses. Canvassing for a political candidate? Casing houses. Walking your dog? Oh you better believe that's casing houses

@Pixley @checkervest it's fucking wild how people who have never had a home break in in probably like, the entire time they've ever lived there are under the belief they're just one step away from all out theft and destruction of their property

@radicalrobit @Pixley @checkervest we've had one break in and the didn't steal much at all, mostly showered and slept in the bed. Otherwise I've had no issues

@whiskeysailor @radicalrobit @Pixley @checkervest when i was a kid we got robbed and the guy took a bottle of grey goose and a chef's knife, kinda concerning lol

@alex @whiskeysailor @radicalrobit @Pixley I had a couple of guys who carefully unscrewed every screw on the back wall of my metal shed so they could lift it off and pull out my mower and weedeater, you gotta respect the effort they put into the lawnmower heist

@radicalrobit @Pixley someone in the same neighborhood posted a while back that bike stores should stop selling bikes to the unhoused because they could potentially use it to case houses, and that buying a bike should put you on a list. uhhh okay

@Pixley @checkervest amelia the only reason you could ever want to own a bike is to case homes and maybe silently and quickly escape the scene of a home burglary that you cased earlier on your bike

@radicalrobit @checkervest what if we put baseball cards in the spokes of all the bikes so you can hear them coming, I'd like to see them case my house now

@radicalrobit @Pixley @checkervest

They watch a lot of petty crime shit on TV, etc. It never dawns on them that petty crime is reported (and seen in fiction) way out of proportion to its actual amount.

@Pixley @checkervest

Picking up trash would be a bad way to try and case houses anyway. Given you have to keep your eyes on the trash and on the road.

@xenophora @Pixley yeah really. the poster sees the orange vest as a thing to be suspicious about but this man just wants to not get hit by cars

@checkervest @Pixley

Everyone says, "People don't get to know their neighbors" and this is a good reason not to. Why would I want my neighbor constantly calling the cops on my friends when they come to visit because they look "suspicious," or whatever. (I mean, assuming we can ever visit in person again.)

"Xeno I was just trying to help! He had an orange vest and a cellphone!"

"GTFO, Mary. And don't come back."

@xenophora @checkervest @Pixley Somebody down the road had a giant diesel pickup they'd idle at 5am and also a "smaller" truck (F250) with a white text/red hat reading "Make Trudeau a drama teacher again" on the dash (I'm Canuckian) and I'm 150% sure I don't want to know those people at all


Saw a little blonde girl wandering the neighborhood, obviously casing houses, she broke into my house, ate my porridge, broke one of my chairs, and slept in my bed

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