Happy ! His new favorite thing is asking to be picked up when I am sitting at my desk

And then he must be held in my lap like a porcelain doll in a photo of a Victorian child

He is a cursed little gremlin and I love him

@checkervest i showed these pictures to our cursed gremlin and he just glared disdainfully from a distance at the idea of yielding voluntarily to the gross indignity of being picked up

@brennen shadow doesn’t generally enjoy affection except on very specific terms and he hates being picked up which is why this feels so magical, don’t know why it started but I am just going to keep encouraging it haha

@MmeLibertine he has so many issues but I love him immensely haha

@checkervest Shadow looks so cute and happy, haha. I'm amazed he asked for this!

@meqif me too!! He has been a lot more affectionate lately and I absolutely love it

@checkervest “young person shows off their cat, paris, 1865”

@checkervest He is gorgeous. He has the exact same chest marking as our Kiki. 🐱 😻

@david it’s really cute! He has the little clerical collar patch and a very small patch of white on his belly

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