Please share your favorite movie theater experiences with me

I've had a lot of great movie experiences but the most recent was probably going to see Knives Out with mom, who is also a big Murder Mystery Aficionado, and almost every five minutes we'd grab each other and shake each other in sheer joy, just a big feedback loop of movie enjoyment


@checkervest my dad used to get invitations from pharmaceutical companies to "bring the whole family out to enjoy snacks and a movie on the house"

the best time we had was seeing Attack Of The Clones when it first came out; we were allowed to pick out any snacks we wanted, so we just piiiiiiled the shit up (i remember going through at least two maybe three boxes of crunch) and we kept going back for more over the course of the movie

it was myself, my brother, the neighbors, just gluttony


@checkervest having drug company reps comp things for doctors in exchange for promotional and advertising is No Longer Allowed so this is a memory that is very precious: it can no longer be


@douglasfur this is incredible, what a wonderful theater experience. snacks are so important

@checkervest Fantasia Film Festival, summer 2012: me and a packed crowd of nerds and dorks going absolutely apeshit for the Takashi Miike Ace Attorney movie

@derek this is so nice!! there is nothing better than seeing a movie with a whole theater of people who are just as deeply excited about the movie as you are

@checkervest i went on a date once with a woman to an "interactive" movie experience showing of "moulin rogue," her favorite movie. i had never seen it before.

i was absolutely enthralled by it. we sat there next to each other, her enjoying the movie for the 1000th time, me discovering it for the the first time, snuggling together and really happy.

it's maybe the best date i've ever had, to be honest.

@john this is so sweet! what does an interactive showing of Moulin Rouge entail?

@checkervest they give you a few props when you come in: a light-up blinking ring to wave during "diamonds are a girl's best friend" and a glowstick to wave during the "green fairy" scene.

they also had a can-can contest among volunteers from the audience at the beginning. XD

@checkervest Employee shows at the Malco Majestic theater. There are too many to narrow down just one, but every Thursday at midnight you could watch whatever big new release was coming out the next day and either sit and enjoy it or get lit and loudly jeer the whole time.

@Thomas oh hell yes that sounds amazing. Getting to yell at the big screen is such a joy

@checkervest when it's you and like 4 friends alone in the theater and the movie is awful. It's awesome

@checkervest I think anyone who was in a predominately black theater audience during Black Panther will remember the electricity and joy in the room. Definitely a moment that made me reconsider my cynicism about blockbusters and what they can achieve.

@MordecaiMartin @checkervest I had the pleasure of seeing Get Out opening weekend in a theater with a lot of Black people, and it was GREAT everyone was YELLING

@MordecaiMartin oh absolutely. I watched it under similar circumstances and it was incredible

@checkervest Looking back on theater experiences reminded me of seeing Nosferatu with a live synth orchestra playing a score for the film, which I do not think about often enough

@douglasfur @checkervest that's awesome! I saw it in a Philadelphia cemetery a few years ago with a string quartet

@douglasfur @checkervest it's nice to have a lot of atmosphere around that movie, because there's not a whole lot you can see of it 😁

@checkervest In 2016 I had such a ghastly experience with the lack of accessibility at a theatre that the theatre ended up offering me a free private showing for me and as many friends as I wanted, of any movie they currently had.

So about a dozen friends and I had their smallest screen all to ourselves for Ghostbusters. Including my friends with a few-month-old baby (who was there, with baby ear protection!), who were so excited to be able to go out at all.

@bright_helpings that is so cool!! I'm so sorry you had a bad time initially but what a wonderful experience to share with friends!

@checkervest The initial bad time, audio description not working, happens to me constantly. Sometimes I get free tickets for future movies, sometimes I don't even bother complaining. This one just kept escalating though!

They had to install audio description equipment, in all but one screen in that multiplex, because of me and my complaining. 💪🏻 (A different company runs that place now, but I noticed the AD is -- or, was a year ago, anyway -- still the same system.)

@checkervest That movie is just such a delight, I never get tired of it.

@bright_helpings it makes me so happy, I've watched it a dozen times and it hasn't gotten old

@Thomas what a great one to have! it's such a delightful movie and everyone in it is so perfect for their roles

@checkervest went to see Knives Out right before the pandemic with my best friend at the fancy theater that severs cocktails and it was just a good time, hanging out a few weeks before the world changed (last time I saw them till mid Summer)

@whiskeysailor that sounds wonderful! it's definitely a fun movie to watch with friends, and a great movie to have as one of the last ones before the big pandemic movie break

@checkervest My favorite experience was going to see sully, and a friend mentioned the plane crash, and I said, how about a spoiler alert? and they asked if I'd been living under a rock.

@checkervest I loved that movie, but now I have mixed feelings about it because of what the ex did to me before we went to see it a second time. I shouldn’t have gone.

Any movie I see with a loved one is always a good time in general though. I love hanging out and then talking about the movie afterwards

@Calluna aw no I'm so sorry 💜💜💜 it's so hard when movies become associated with bad experiences.

@checkervest 💜 especially innocent awesome movies.

My favorite movie memory is going to see Spaceballs with my brother and his friend, Dan. We went out to dinner after and ran into another high schooler who looked at Dan and I and hinted it was a nice night for a date. Dan and I were like ew, no! 😆 Dan and I became best friends over the years and saw many good and terrible movies together as well as tons of sci-fi shows until he moved to another state. We still keep very much in touch!

@checkervest I'm going to double-dip: a screening of The Big Lebowski at a crappy theatre in a dying mall; the popcorn was bad and the floor was sticky with spilled soda and the chairs were way too low and the first five minutes were out of focus until I summoned to courage to yell "FOCUS" and they then dutifully put the film in focus; the closest I've ever gotten to a real grindhouse experience

@derek ahhh that's so great!

the absolute stress when you're in a theater where something is going badly wrong with the projection and there's this moment where everyone is looking around like "okay who's going to get up and talk to the theater staff, I will absolutely do it if no one else will"

@checkervest When I went with my friends to see Iron Man and at the big turn when Obediah Stane reveals himself to be the big bad guy, a woman a few rows up from us yelled out "WHAT THE HELL!" in total and honest surprise.

@checkervest Oh and the time my friends and I got to the theater early when they were running that 20 minute roll of commercials and they played a seven minute tease for some show called "The Closer" six times in a row.

@breakfastgolem my brother and I went to see Alien at the local theater and they were supposed to air a special on how the movie was made before the actual show, and instead we got an extremely glitched out Chevrolet commercial that just kept repeating "ENJOY THE SHOW" in glitchy text for 30 minutes

@checkervest I got passes once to see Return of the King like a month before everyone else but under the stipulation that once the movie started, it wouldn't stop. So of COURSE it glitched out immediately and the studio execs who were there squirmed after a theater of nerds started yelling at them to please reset the film; they did and it was awesome.

@breakfastgolem I went to see Winter Soldier several times while it was out and every single time at the big character reveal scene inevitably people would gasp in shock

@checkervest I really enjoy being surprised and pulled in by a movie like that. My friends and I saw The Matrix on opening night and we walked out absolutely stunned because it was unlike anything we'd seen before.

@breakfastgolem I wish I'd gotten to see that one in theaters! the first time I saw it was on a tiny screen in history class as we all worked on a study guide and we all were incredibly lost at the big reveal near the beginning and we made the only person who'd seen the movie before get up and explain it to us several times before we understood what on earth was going on

@checkervest Mine are all at the drive-in. We used to go every weekend. Mom had a convertible so we'd put the top down and watch the stars while we watched the movie. Later, in my teen years, I had bought myself a small motorhome and enjoyed the movie with the benefit of my own cold drinks in the fridge and popcorn made on the stove!
(I was not popular with parents when I'd pull up in that camper to take their daughters out I can tell you!)

@GoatsLive I've never been to a drive-in but everyone I know who has has such delightful memories of it! it sounds like you had the perfect setup 😄

@checkervest The Duke of Burgundy, one of my faves no matter what but in a 50-seat screening room it is An Experience

Stop Making Sense, with a sweaty impromptu dance party between the first row and the screen

The Man Who Laughed at a horror film fest with live accompaniment, the horror need/goth/punk audience absolutely falling in love with a melodramatic silent film

@checkervest these and more were all at the Music Box here in Chicago

@checkervest might not qualify as favorite exactly, but some of those midnight showings of rocky horror were quite visceral. that’s really pushing the concept of “movie” tho.

@steve it's absolutely an experience!! it's absolutely the kind of thing I miss though, getting to experience other people experiencing movies with you, you know?

@checkervest truly. that uniquely once in a lifetime shared experience

@steve @checkervest I just discovered rocky,and now i want to go to a showing of it.

@checkervest I went and saw Bladerunner 2049 when it came out. I went with a friend of mine and the only people in the theater were us and a few older folks, it was a perfectly silent and enjoyable experience. By the time we left the theater, it was ~9PM and was raining heavily. It was such a perfect atmosphere to reflect on what we had just seen. Absolutely my #1 movie theater experience tbh

@skelly that time just after the movie ends when you walk out into the world with the movie still ringing in your ears is such a great one, just absorbing what happened onscreen and how you felt about it while trying to reenter the real world

@checkervest yeeees, and walking out to nighttime filled with rain after that movie specifically is just so perfect

@checkervest oddly enough seeing Ghost and the Darkness in the theater was fun.
it was at the end of its run, & I was the only customer in the theater.
I jump at *everything*, so the scenes where one knows there's a lion running around in the grass looking to nom someone already had me on edge.
a couple of the theater staff came into the theater and ran around behind me in the empty rows.
I knew it was them, but I still curled into the smallest ball possible in the seat and made terrified eep noises.

@ischade I watched that in a history class for some reason! I can imagine how creepy it was to hear them running around haha

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