Wild to think of a little boy hundreds of years ago drawing monsters for his friends and those drawings still existing

Imagine throwing away a stack of your old kid drawings and someone finds them 700 or so years later, and they're able to identify them as all belonging to you because you signed it and because of your specific drawing style, I'm never getting over this

@checkervest That is pretty cool, his artwork lives on for all eternity!

@checkervest I'm sure the parents were like "Stop drawing and finish your homework! Those drawings will not get you anywhere!"

And look who has a Wikipedia entry now. 😆​

@checkervest Wow - thanks for sharing this! The drawings are amazing. Our kid is now 10, but a few years ago his drawings looked not much different - this creates a wonderful bridge to the people who lived almost 800 years ago.

@tsturm it's always pleasant to be reminded that people from the past were just like us. it's easy to forget that

@checkervest Reminds me of the recent discovery of a snack bar in Pompeii. When you see the paintings advertising the food, it feels so immediate and human.

it's amazing to me that we have hundreds of surviving school tablets from thousands of years ago inscribed by kids learning cuneiform writing, eg.

@fraggle I read something recently that pointed out that the ancient people who wrote on tablets in cuneiform could see a modern day person with a tablet and they would know exactly what it was and what it was being used for and that connection is such an incredibly wonderful thought

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