There is nothing better in a scifi movie than slightly busted future tech for a nice lived-in feel

Artemis Hotel is going by Country House Mystery Rules and I love that

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@checkervest now wishing all the busted technology i'm surrounded by were more properly ~aesthetic~. too much of it has the vague feeling of staring into a single-stream recycling dropoff full of used yogurt containers and amazon shipping boxes.

@checkervest i was led to expect that my near-future dystopian experience would contain the sfnal equivalent of the 1950s farm trucks and battered leather workboots of my youth, dammit

@checkervest honestly this is probably one of the things I loved most about Elysium - the earth scenes with its busted future tech.

@checkervest I think it’s worth a watch and Matt Damon is enjoyable as always.

@scarfwitch @checkervest I think that director has a knack for that feel, District 9 has it too

@balrogboogie @scarfwitch it just really adds something wonderful to scifi. Clean tech is so sterile and lifeless and it’s nice to see stuff that’s grimy and idiosyncratic

@checkervest @balrogboogie @scarfwitch I'm Star Trek over Star Wars any day, see David Brin's essay on why, but what Star Wars really gets is that lived-in feeling. That's why the scene where Han Solo bangs the console and the Millennium Falcon lights back up is the best scene in the trilogy.
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