I had plans to color it in more but I really like how this turned out and I am leaving it exactly as it is

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@jennie thank you Jennie!! I had so much fun making it

@c0debabe this is the energy I'm gonna channel in the rest of 2020

@Pixley thank you Karen!! I had too much fun drawing it

@fraggle thank you!! the best art is the one that makes you giggle the whole time you make it

@checkervest This is excellent and I love it! Not coloring it more is a good decision, it rules just the way it is

@sousaphone thank you Mia!! coming from such a great artist that means a lot! 馃槃

@Thomas Thank you Thomas!! I keep looking at it and grinning

@requrious haha thank you!! "come pet my luxurious coat, if you dare!"

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