Please tell me something that interests you, that you would talk for hours about given the opportunity

@checkervest we got a few things here: linux, pokemon, discontinued & relatively odd pieces of technology, rap music, marxism, neon genesis evangelion. there's definitely more but these are the special interests of mine that are on the mind rn

@mbellem what's a discontinued/odd piece of tech that fascinates you?

@checkervest ok tbh laserdiscs are one of them! like, there is just something so pure and lovely abt a VHS quality DVD that's the size of a vinyl. the players for them had a lot of great features -- like the scrubbing forward and backwards was a level of seamless we probs wont see again. and god the pronotional material for laserdisc, even back when it was discovision was out of this world dated even when it was new.

i want to start a laserdisc collection again but alas money.

@derek yo if the header on ur profile is from cube, ur incredible. not enough ppl give that series any attention. its one of the most hilarious things i have ever seen.

@mbellem it is! It rules! I have not seen the other two.

@derek ok so cube 2 is actually off the walls. it plays with the idea of four dimensional physics while including way too many characters, horrible CGI, and a hilarious amount of deaths. also an ending out of left field. cube zero is lore heavy and v slow and u could live without watching it imo, but it does explain what happens after the first cube film.

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