I don’t know if they’re going to turn out because it’s been a long time since I’ve made them, and never on my own, but I made candied violets today. They’re a mess right now but this photo is the first step, when you rinse and dry them, before you dip them in sugar

Hahaha this is the first time I’ve made them with simple syrup instead of egg white and they are massively too soggy, lesson learned for next time! I think I can salvage them, but dang haha

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@checkervest oh wow! I’ve never had actual candied violets but I unironically love those weird Choward’s violet candies

@checkervest How long need they dry? I fancied to make candied dandelions.

@Shufei small flat flowers like violets and pansies need about two or three hours to dry, but I’m pretty sure it would take longer for a dandelion. It would probably dry fastest with an egg wash as opposed to using water or simple syrup, but I’m not sure! If you make them please send pictures!

@checkervest I just may. I need to hunt down some which aren’t on any lawns what have seen chemical spray, natch. And that is a to-do, sadly Thanks, I shall ping you if I give it a go. I’ve only brown sugar, though, will that do? I reckon it to taste better with dandelion anyway.

@Shufei I have never tried making it with brown sugar, hmm! I think you would probably need to dry it out first, so it will stick to whatever you’ve coated your flowers with

@checkervest Mm. My candied ones never turned out really well, but I use the dried ones for tisane -- briefly an amazing perfume, and an otherworldly color.

@clew mine used to turn out okay, but I think it’s easier when you do the egg wash! I’ve been using the ones that didn’t turn out yesterday in my tea haha

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