My main experience with Adam Sandler movies is that for some reason they were on the approved list of films my teachers in high school could show on days when they didn’t feel up to teaching, and so I’ve seen three or four of his nineties-era films an infinite number of times up until when the bell rang and class was over, and no teacher ever offered to play the remaining part of the film at a later time


Now that's not fair.

Not that seeing the end of any Sandler film will qualify as edifying, either.


@checkervest we had this with Matrix and the Transformers movies

@kioskwitch the first time I watched The Matrix was on a shitty 12”x12” screen bolted up near the ceiling of my ninth grade history class, when we were supposed to be copying out study guides, so it was impossible to pay full attention to the movie, and by the time the big reveal happens none of us had any clue what was going on, and we flipped out until the teacher paused the film and we made one person who’d already seen the film explain everything we’d missed

@kioskwitch it was uh not the optimal way to be introduced to the film

@checkervest we had a biology teacher who watched Breaking Bad with us in like 9th grade, he just streamed it somewhere and he didn't have an adblocker so you can imagine how fun it was to watch that with 30 9th graders

@checkervest just! Install an adblocker! It takes five seconds! Do you not know what teenagers are like???

He also very discreetly wrote the answers to exams on the table, like, directly on the table

@kioskwitch haha that’s wild!! I had a bunch of teachers that would make you copy out a study guide with all the questions on the test, so if you memorized fifty questions, twenty of those would end up on the test, it is certainly one way to keep grades up

@checkervest well that probably works!

Oh we also had a Spanish teacher who was the absolute kindest man in the entire school. He watched several Spanish movies with us, and all of them seemed to have lengthy and too-explicit-for-school sex scenes and his entire face went extremely red and he looked like he wanted to die. Everyone teased him about what Inappropriate Things he was showing us and I felt very sorry for him

@checkervest he was very good to us because we had Spanish in twelfth grade and none of us were being tested in it, so he just made our lives easier by more or less giving us free good grades we didn't technically earn

@checkervest i was in FFA and the teacher had to go a lot for like tournaments and conventions and stuff and like so we watched approved farming adjacent movies, so i've seen field of dreams and twister a shitload of times

@wintgenstein oh god yes we watched a whole lot of twister. And Armageddon. I have no clue how that movie actually ends

@checkervest also the first 15 minutes are really horny i'm surprised deep south teens were allowed to watch it?

@wintgenstein some teachers didn’t give a shit and some jumped up and stood in front of the screen and or tried to fast forward, or, in the case of one teacher, tried to fast forward The Scarlet Letter, the remote broke and the video came up right in the middle of a sex scene, so she stood in front of the screen waving her arms and singing hymns

@checkervest We hardly ever watched movies, and when we did, they were relevant to the class.

It sounds like other places were pretty different.

@RexfordGTugwell sometimes we watched things that were related to the class in which we watched them but a majority of times it was either because the teacher was out and knew we couldn’t be trusted with a substitute or the teacher did not want to teach that day

@RexfordGTugwell haha my school was also notoriously shitty, it may not be a universal experience

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