There is no better feeling than when a cat you don’t know sees you, assesses you in a few seconds, and decides you’re good and worthy of friendship

@checkervest this happens to me sometimes and it's terrifying if you're highly allergic, you end up holding your foot out, trying to stop them from getting close

@Louisa cats always know who’s allergic and who hates cats and they will flock to that person! My dog does not like cats and every cat in the area is obsessed with her

@checkervest @Louisa part of the problem is that the body language you use to summon cats is basically opposite to that of dogs, so people who are used to dogs can have difficulty communicating. Basically dogs (like humans) consider eye contact friendly, and cats find it hostile. The politest thing in cat society is to pretend to ignore someone. If you want a cat to stay away, stare them down.

@robotcarsley @checkervest I try not to attract a cat's attention, that's probably not helping me

@Louisa @checkervest exactly, it's counterintuitive and I think that's why a lot of people decide they dislike cats. Dogs have adopted human body language (it's closer to us than it is to wolves) but cats have been with us for much less time and haven't done so yet.

@robotcarsley @Louisa yeah absolutely, seconding this, the best way to make a cat stay away is lots of Intense eye contact. Some cats are just going to be super friendly and ignore your boundaries but most will stay away if you stare at them

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