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Okay going to bed for real now, good night everyone, pleasant dreams and solid sleep 😴 💜

Haha I made myself angry and sad and gave myself a headache, right before bedtime

So many movies about the super rich behaving very badly to the working class people around them and so few about working class people making them look ridiculous, and helping their friends in the process, because it’s all about aspirational wealth, why bother about a movie about the little guy when you can watch rich people doing shitty things and imagine it’s you and in that dream you can do whatever the hell you want to people because you deserve it

I have a lot of thoughts about it but the most pressing one is that halfway through it my brother turned to me and said “This is like a Marx Brothers movie” and yes absolutely, at least for part of it, but it’s also a huge pet peeve of mine that so many of our culture heroes right now are extremely rich people who use their money to become rich superheroes and we don’t have anyone like the Marx Brothers poking fun at the super rich and social climbers and bamboozling them out of their money

I just finished watching Parasite and hot damn it’s good

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Love when Excel does a calculation that is wildly off for no reason I can detect, and then I delete the number and type it back into the field again and it's fine, and everything works now, it's great

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"You go inside the box," said the cat, "and because of quantum superposition, until you leave it, doctor Schrödinger is both alive and dead."
The cat stared into space for an indefinite time.
"But only once."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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and you may find yourself
behind the wheel of a large automobile
the size of a small automobile

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While the wilderness survival skills certainly can’t hurt, it will be empathy, generosity, and courage that we need to survive. Kindness and fairness will be more valuable than any survival skill..We will have to work together. We will have to grow food, educate ourselves, and give people a reason to persevere..Humans evolved attributes such as generosity, altruism, and cooperation because we need them to survive.

a train is going past about 30 feet away from the office and it is very excited to let everyone around it know that it is a giant train and it is coming through

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Love to listen to history podcasts about shit I should have learned in school and accost anyone around me with stuff like "So William Randolph Hearst was a real piece of work huh?"

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a star war 

on the other hand I will almost certainly be watching Parasite tonight, at long last, whether on the big screen or in my house, and I am excited about it

It's great that the local indie theater only shows movies after they're available for streaming, it's fine, not at all frustrating that they don't start showing films until 7:30 and most of the films I want to see are only available on a work night

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this is matt monahan. matty mo is a millionaire. matty mo calls himself "The Most Famous Artist" and makes tons of money.

matty mo went to stanford and "co-founded Sharethrough in San Francisco in 2007, a software company that offered publishers and brand marketers a platform for native monetization." sharethrough makes lots of money off of you and your data.

Matty mo made a lot of money and then became the CEO of alphaboost and promptly tried to sell it. he couldn't.

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@checkervest "Did you know... Roy Batty doesn't really exist? That's actually acclaimed Dutch actor Rutger Hauer!"

why do I read movie "trivia" when I know it's just going to make me angry

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