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I caught a lizard hanging out in one of mom’s kitchen plants! He has been safely secured and released to the outside

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thoughtfully holding this in your hand, allowing it to slowly warm to your body temperature as you write down sums with your stylus on clay, the metal you've been measuring out and testing for purity on the desk next to you

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Reminder that just because you’ve been through worse, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with bad stuff now

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At a local Greek festival and just watched a kid drive a cart into the side of a parked ambulance

Why did an alarm labeled "timer" just go off on my phone?? I didn't set anything and I don't remember making this, what the heck

Mutual aid request 

$35/$300. Thank you so much for your help, both now and in the past. Again, if you can lend the money that is every bit as helpful as a gift, just make a note on the transaction and within two months I should be in a position to pay it back. Boosting is also a huge help.
Venmo: @robertwcarlisle
Cashapp: $rwcarlisle

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We had some dramatic weather today, and this evening, while the sun was slowly setting, the most intense #rainbow showed up!

It's raining hard on hot pavement and the wind keeps blowing the office door open and it smells like petrichor in here

QMB reassured me I didn't have to come downstairs yet when she woke me up to talk to me about dinner. But Gary disagrees. He whined at me already, went away without me, came back and made a special effort to jump on the bed, to squeak and whine, to paw at me, and to just Stare at me.

I lived in a desert for years so like - at some point, being distracted by things like maple trees for hours on end with my camera MIGHT get old

but that is not this day


Treat yourself to a little self care and buy yourself a basil plant, there's nothing quite as nice as plucking some fresh leaves and topping your pasta with it🤌🤌🤌😌

del Toro rankings updated 

I can't watch Pan's Labyrinth without having an absolute ugly meltdown and calling my mom crying hysterically or else it would rank higher

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del Toro rankings updated 

Crimson Peak
Devil’s Backbone
Nightmare Alley
Pan’s Labyrinth
Pacific Rim
Hellboy II

Holding out ranking Blade II and Shape of Water until I rewatch and reassess them, and I haven't watched Cronos yet

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