snail race!!!

the only reason they have colors is that masto apparently won't let me make a poll where all the choices are the same???

with thirteen hours left to go, Green Snail appears to have a comfortable lead

Uuh, but that made it a race about the favorite colour. Maybe is better with numbers, but even that isn't completely neutral.

@NicholasLaney true, anything that differentiates them will be something people can choose on

@carithlee the results are skewed, green is obviously the best color so most people will vote for it.

@carithlee one thing you can do is use different whitespace characters (as copied from here

@casey oh nice, I'll have to do that next time! people have strong opinions about colors, apparently

@carithlee For people who also think "red is clearly the best, I鈥檒l vote for something else so it's less boring": Don鈥檛 let yourself be fooled and vote as you truly want!

@Stellar fascinating, there are more than 140 votes on the poll & I'm not sure why they're missing second fav color is red. so that was a miss. still disappoint in your choice of color.

Interesting. Btw no colours were displayed to me. It's game theory. Though I don't have a clue about that. I thought: "which snail would get the least votes?" I tended to the upper snail, because with 2nd thought most people would avoid it. Then I chose the lowest, cause I was sure the third from above would get the most votes. That suggestion was right, but not my conclusion from that. I didn't wanted my snail to win, but to push the last one. I was close. Nice game.


In Squid games there is a nice explenation why ppl most of the time go for the middle section

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