More people need to adjust their expectations for how long things like a trip to the grocery store will take. I think people will do that for Ikea, for example. Nobody is trying to speed run Ikea.


@InternetEh ever think about how IKEA basically has the layout of a D&D dungeon?

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@bulkington love to do an ikea dungeon crawl.

Roll for initiative! The dreaded KALLAX modular shelving unit approaches

@InternetEh @bulkington There's an Endless IKEA mod for minetest that gives you some of that vibe I think

@bulkington And just like a D&D campaign that's gonna get weird, there's a large bed randomly embedded in the middle of it. @InternetEh

@BalooUriza @bulkington especially if you have a bard who tries to seduce everything

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