When we do inevitably get a new actor playing Bond, the movie should have to deal with Brexit like Goldeneye had to deal with the fall of the Soviet Union. Those movies have always been a fantasy of England retaining global significance instead of declining. The next Bond should have trouble getting a visa and the threat should be some low grade domestic issue that doesn’t involve going anywhere international. Bond the Bored Isolationist.

@bulkington Bond is saddled with bureaucratic bullshit all the time anyway he just breaks the law. It would be great if he just got arrested in like France.

@bulkington bond gets an hgv licence to help alleviate brexit related supply issues

@wandrew @bulkington Bond has to take down a tyrannical sex arse manufacturer who is using the post-Brexit scarcity of his signature good to gain total control of British society

M: So 007, the sex arses are still stuck in customs. You know your job, get them out of customs Now! Sex arses are essential for Queen and Nation

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