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Gallant: Oh wow! Hey! Goofus, man, how many years has it been?

Goofus: Whoah, I… hey, yeah, it’s great to see you.

Gallant: I gotta run and catch up with the wife, but what are you up to later? Let’s go get a drink and catch up!

Goofus: (fiddles with one year chip in pocket) Yeah, uh,

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Mastodon at 39 High School


being intimidated by cool 20 year olds

She was born into the position of being a symbolic nationalist figurehead. Even with a sober, realistic appraisal of what is possible from that position, she fucking sucked.

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What's neat about old public figures is that for every single damn one of them, there are receipts from the 1980s that will tell you if they had even the tiniest shred of character or bravery.

like the democrats want to set the precedent of actually being charged for their crimes lmao

Etsy: hey
me: no
Etsy: HEY
me: WHAT
Etsy: baby synthesizer

The US right: Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we were more like Hungary? Here's a documentary about how awesome Hungary is. Let's have CPAC in Hungary this year and have Hungary's government coach us on how to take over a country.

Liberals: Oh my god can you believe what Russia is doing to us?

Survival under US capitalism 

The ruling class are openly talking about trying to engineer a 5% or more rate of unemployment in the United States.

Finding a new job, if that's something anyone has been thinking about, is an activity that is about to get a lot harder. Like probably in the next month or two.

Just putting that out there in case it helps someone.

rent is 40% of the increase in the consumer price index. which is interesting because EXISTING BUILDINGS DIDNT HAVE SUPPLY SIDE COST INCREASES OF 40%

Anybody know any addiction support groups that are not religiously affiliated?

Please boost!!! I’m in the Sacramento area

Scene from 2010 

LCD Soundsystem: Everybody's getting younger, it's the end of an era it's true

Me, age 28: Ah, shit

Blockchain: you know how after a certain size, excel spreadsheets that should have been databases become incredibly enormous, slow, and unwieldy? What if we made that everyone's problem, as a central design feature?

merry solstice to all those who observe (astronomically)

one of the big red flags when looking for a new laptop to buy is when the laptop is not a thinkpad


Also 3) tech interviews fucking suck so bad, screw going through that.

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A month ago I got offered a full time job at the little consultancy I've been getting gigs through. It's not as good as I could probably have gotten if I were to get off my ass and do a bunch of interviews with more legit tech companies, but I thought:

1) You're neuro-atypical and you already know that working with these people fits your weird habits.

2) The economy feels kinda like it's gonna tank, get it while you can.

So I took it. I think for once I made a good life decision re: work.

there’s literally nothing that usians deem “cult behavior” that isn’t done constantly and regularly by christian churches all over the country with zero comment

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Every 2022 Glenn Greenwald tweet: Count Francois von Genocideé III, Chairman of the far-right Les Raciste Fronte, just outflanked the U.S. left by calling for an end to workplace bullying while the so-called “Squad” remains silent.

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