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Don’t mind me. I’ll just be knotting my socks in the night when there’s nobody there. What do I care?

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Not THE official dipshit, just a dipshit acting in an official capacity.

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Mastodon at 39 High School


being intimidated by cool 20 year olds

My main advice to college students is don’t graduate only speaking English.


@InternetEh they made a mastodon headache weapon

"someone come collect your man", I say Richard Ayowade and David Duchovny

Around about 2008 some scenesters in Athens GA put out a little magazine called “Young Foxy and Free” that had a few articles but was mostly an uncaptioned hipster yearbook.

An older friend joked about putting out a response called “Old Fat and Caged” which I thought was a good laugh at the time, but it has gotten funnier and funnier to me as I myself exit youth.

One of my favorite exchanges in a movie is this one from "The American Astronaut," concluding the scene in which one character is explaining the antagonist's motivation to another:

"But that doesn't make any sense!"
"Yes it does."

sure am glad i still have fine motor control so i can fucking use a basic linux window manager hope by the time I DONT HAVE FINE MOTOR CONTROL, WHICH WILL INEVITABLY HAPPEN, tech will have been forced through a people's revolution and all the ableist fucks lined up and taught not to be ableist fucks

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UI/UX targets more than 2px wide challenge

Democrats: “😂 hahaha these Republicans are so scared of the natural browning[sic](their word not mine)of america! Don’t worry about trump or McConnell- the demographics will get rid of them!”

:census population grows and white population shrinks:

:Republican controlled State houses gerrymander districts and gain control of House:

Democrats: “Just have faith in the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie a little longer! We could win again maybe in ten years! Vote vote vote vote vote!!!”

An alternate reality where: Zach Snyder, but he's Zach Braff

Hi, looking for some work to do.

IT generalist except frontend things (but can learn in days if needed).
Chip logic - slight (sims but no verilog/vhdl yet)
pcb design - moderate (#kicad)
baremetal software - minimum
linux kernel - minimum (modules)
C - ok
C++ - ok, but dislike
binary debugging - half-year professionally
#Python - love it (years)
#Rust - minimum
Scheme - 1 project
#godotengine`- years
#gamedev - years
#networking - python and c.
#foss (repos in profile)
dm me for a resume.

wheres my prize for having a tragic backstory and not being a piece of shit

so much steampunk, but it also makes you overheat like crazy & used hairspray, but my perfect wife Louisa

Havana Syndrome is when the most recent pop song you’re aware of is now four years old.

Nobody has ever shoplifted food and if you thought you saw someone doing it one time you were wrong and you definitely did not

Everyone is kind of overtly supernatural in the Addams family, and then Gomez is just a kinky Puerto Rican guy who is goth.

I have eaten
the paste
that was in
the feed store

and which
you were probably
for horses

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