gonna get out of the work fridge 👻👻👻

germany literally just banned headscarves, kippas, beards, dreads and some more stuff for public workers and no one is talking about it wow
and the worst part is that this all started bc of cops having nazi tattoos and they wanted to have a law to ban this but instead of just banning the tattoos or tattoos in general they went THIS way??!?!?

I'm looking for books on the history and theory of Maker Spaces/hacker spaces/fablabs, etc.

Any suggestions?

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Got tired of waiting to select which OS to boot, so I made a physical switch

I’m fond of people who are like, lib yuppies minus the money. Tennis lessons at the public rec center. Overinvolved college admissions parenting using every free program and activity. The working-class NPR contingent. It comes together in folks’ 30s.

A lot of privileged people who grew up around libs have a mental image of all libs as privileged. It’s really not the case, and winning this type over to socialism is way more realistic than an alliance with fucking Josh Hawley or shit like that.

It's Fuck Up Friday let's get out here and make some fucking misteaks

Can ya'll just STOP using Electron? It makes your app not good to install (Seriously? a 275MB GitHub client?)

watching people fawn over steven seagal for the past week is obnoxious. dude fucking sucks. don't care he gave maduro a sword.

he and joe arpaio are buddies. they once rounded up 30 sherrifs deputies and drove a fucking tank through the wall of a guy's home to generate publicity for a new tv show. they killed a dog in the process.

dude is a crusty racist weirdo with absolute pudding brains.

Etsy is a giant hoard of arts and crafts made by people who have more creativity than that one guy who got the state of Nevada to pay him billions of dollars to dig a useless tunnel for his overpriced electric vehicles to crawl through.

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Pepe Silvia shit 

whistleblowers told the FBI that only about 50 scientists who worked in this field would have access to this strain of anthrax

It's kind of amazing there aren't more conspiracy theories about this. the Anthrax letters are what turned 9/11 from a thing that happened once in NYC and DC and made it something that could hit your mailbox. It really took the panic and paranoia to the next level.

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Hey remember when Richard Pearle, a top advisor to Bush and Rumsfeld, went on TV after 9/11 and said on air that the next terror attacks would be anthrax, and then they were? That was weird huh

A friend of mine jokingly called me a brocialist and I just said “well... everybody’s got to be something”

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