Body complaints lmao 

Omg I had the ultimate charlie horse last night and it was just my leg spasming for like fifteen minutes straight lmfao like okay fine I get it I'll drink more water and eat a banana damn???

I have been almost exclusively watching horror movies the past week bring me your scary recs if you have any!

Feeling connected to something that I never felt connected to before is nice. Knowing my great grandma and I share a middle name is really cool. I didn't know anything about my family before this since I've always been kind of left out and misinformed by my mom and grandma

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Cw death but also ++ 

My grandma died last weekend which has been really hard. But this motivated me to really dig into my ancestry and I found so many answers including my bio father who i had never seen in my life. Turns out he's a trumper so I won't contact him at all but hey it's more then I knew yesterday! And that my mom and grandma were wrong about our native ancestry. We are ojibwe not lakota/souix! I always had a feeling they were off and now I know I was right. Validating af for real!!

Cw loss/death 

This is kind of a little heads up for anyone who's been keeping in touch, I might seem a little distance (more than normal lmfao) because my grandmother is in the process of passing and my mental state is kind of shoddy rn. I love and appreciate all of you. I'll be back soon.

I have finished my book challenge!!!!! Finally πŸ˜ͺ

I've never really been a stan of anything but I for sure am a stan of Dr. Doofenshmirtz and I've literally never really watched phineas and ferb...he just.....he's a good dad πŸ₯Ί

Spiritual/astrology thoughtz 

The winter solstice slapped me in the fucking face and told me 2021 is the year to nut up and while I appreciate it and desperately need it I have a feeling I'm going to get my shit rocked. Reading my natal chart and comparing it with the soltice and the age of aquarius made me realize that there's a lot of stuff I need to face within myself

I am one book away from making my yearly goal of 15 books and I MAY have "cheated" by reading some shorter poetry books but they are still books it still counts I don't care if I listened them in an hour and a half on x1.5 on scribd 😌

The only netflix original series I've remotely enjoyed in a while is the queens gambit. I vibe with anyone who just wants to get high and wreck men in a game

Playing Hades motivated me enough to decide to read Circe lmfao I've been recommended that book over and over again and even bought it two years ago but just now am starting it

Howdy friends I hope you all have a decent Friday πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ’

I got my nails done for the first time since the start of quarantine and now I can barely function with them lmao back at square one 😩

I should probably change my halloween theme huh 😩


Man I hate getting all hyped up for a fast food order and then it gets delivered wrong cause our address is confusing and then I can't even call to get it resolved I just have to accept defeat and either reorder and spend more money or get it refunded and just be really sad and hungry lol. I feel bad cause I'm sure it's super hard to be a delivery driver especially now but I am still in mourning over my quiznos sandy

Does anyone else ever type messages into the Google search for any nsa agent potentially reading them or is that just me

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