My goal for the near future is to gather a couple people to actually play vampire the masquerade with on roll20. I have a few friends SORTA interested and I'm just like πŸ‘€ c'mon pals I want to role play a vampire pls

its like eating a slice of pizza....and then immediately after eating another slice of pizza. One was given to me from a hot toxic goth girl, and one was given to me by a hot toxic man whos ass i got to see.

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been trying to get through my halloween to watch list and i realized from now on i will always watch the craft and then the covenant immediately after. It's a great balance.


okay. i have seen the 2004 spongebob movie like a thousand times and i just want to say.. PLANKTONS PLAN Z WAS NOT PLAN Z AT ALL. IT WAS A SIDEWAYS N. N FOR NEPTUNE. watch that scene and look me in the eye and TELL ME THAT IS NOT A SIDEWAYS N.

oh wait its cause i thought drain sth wasn't available on spotify but they are and its just labeled wrong as usual

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finally going back to spotify after years of refusing to for some reason that i don't even remember at this point

do i buy a new mmo after probably putting like hundreds of dollars into two other mmos i rarely play?

yes. most likely.

hi friends I haven't popped in here in a while ❀️

Job rant + 

Past few weeks at my job have really put some things in perspective for me and I decided I will be taking all the effort I can muster to find a way to work for myself by working with a variety of clients instead of being an in house designer for one company. Not leaving my job yet but, that is my goal. Hopefully several months from now I'll be able to be self sufficient and self employed. :30000bells:

Good morning Party People, today is my 33rd birthday, so as is custom around these parts, CAN I GET SOME GODDAMN BOOSTS?!?

I'll just be minding my business and the memory of Hugo Ball's sound poem Karawane being recited by my art history professor will slam through my brain like a mack truck into a small sedan.

rewatching urban legend was such a great idea lmaooooooo

Body complaints lmao 

Omg I had the ultimate charlie horse last night and it was just my leg spasming for like fifteen minutes straight lmfao like okay fine I get it I'll drink more water and eat a banana damn???

I have been almost exclusively watching horror movies the past week bring me your scary recs if you have any!

Feeling connected to something that I never felt connected to before is nice. Knowing my great grandma and I share a middle name is really cool. I didn't know anything about my family before this since I've always been kind of left out and misinformed by my mom and grandma

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Cw death but also ++ 

My grandma died last weekend which has been really hard. But this motivated me to really dig into my ancestry and I found so many answers including my bio father who i had never seen in my life. Turns out he's a trumper so I won't contact him at all but hey it's more then I knew yesterday! And that my mom and grandma were wrong about our native ancestry. We are ojibwe not lakota/souix! I always had a feeling they were off and now I know I was right. Validating af for real!!

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