For bi visibility day I ask that none of y'all perceive me. I am invoking my bi invisibility for today.

These fig bars tell me they are vegan but....I thought figs aren't vegan? 🤔 What is the truth!!!

My body does not let me sleep on weekdays I don't understand. On the weekend I can sleep for 12 hours but during the week I sleep in two hour intervals. Someone knock me out lol


I was on my mom's house which turned into this huge place with a pool. I was sleeping in a room that was supposedly mine. I woke up to look out the window and saw a baby playing with the central air unit outside and I didn't think anything of it and went swimming with a friend in the pool.

Morning friends I hope today goes well🌤️🏙️

My boss decided to give me overtime as a bday gift lol thaaaaaaaaanks


I had a dream me and my partner were housesitting in my mom's "house" that was basically balancing on the side of a dam. While we were snooping through her roommates stuff to steal all their weed, a huge group of people in raincoats weilding harpoons literally went to hunt seals in the dam and we both just snuck out to watch them and listen to their conversation and when we got caught I told my partner to "type /home to warp home"

I miss body glitter and roll on lip gloss.i know it still exists but it don't HIT like the old juicybear Kmart body fantasies type shit idk

My dreams 

My current job has now infused into my dreams and I hate it. Just woke up from a work meeting to go back into work....the audacity

Dream log 

One thing I keep coming back to is the layout of this dream universe. Theres one area that is basically a version of the trailer park I used to live in, a strange college, and a weird house that is my mother's. The house in my dream is huge and has unused rooms in the upstairs and it's wild and so different I can't even describe. Like irl my mom doesn't even have a house or apt she lives in my old room in her Bros trailer lmao

I am trying to desperately to remember my dreams because they have been all so wildly connected for several months but then I wake up angry that it's almost time to go to work and my dream literally uses that time to escape to the very depths of my untapped memories

Dream log 

I keep having dreams that feel like they are all in the same "universe" and normally its like a weird version of me in a weird version of my hometown going to a weird University but today in my dream the kombucha girl's (Brittany Broski's) father who my brain named like Max Kennaly or something weird, died under a tree next door to the house I was living in from some creature. Idk it didn't even phase me in the dream lol

Everytime I think to myself "I should really watch a movie that's on my to-watch list" I end up looking through movies on Netflix/Hulu/everything and just like endlessly scrolling deciding between the four movies I watch over and over again or attempting to watch something new. And honestly every single time I just end up ashamed and clicking on the craft for the millionth time.

Lofi hip hop beats to eat Mac and cheese bites to

"God Is Problematic. And We Have Cancelled Him"
- Friedrich Nietzsche

should i be doing work? yes. am i instead just sitting on masto and neopets? most definitely.

the only superhero movies i can even stand to watch because im proud trash are literally the entire blade series with wes snipes and spawn....thats it thats the end.

:blobmelt: :blobcheeky: it makes me happy when i see these blobby emojis......they are just the best.

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