2021 is actually the end of the Mayan calendar or whatever, people just transposed the numbers

@DiscountBinNinja sign me up for more ridiculous and original shit. I’m all about it.

@Louisa yeah and everything went straight downhill. Patriots dynasty started that year as well

@DiscountBinNinja I have no idea what happened to my last post, lol. I think of Hudson Hawk as well. It’s a bizarre movie that people didn’t get but I love it

@DiscountBinNinja I mean Hopper’s character is so wildly over the top it’s@rue only way to read it.

@DiscountBinNinja sorry, lol. I saw it when I was pretty young, but this is my first time revisiting it!

Watching Waterworld tonight and I can’t remember if they ever explain where Dennis Hopper gets cigarettes

Me, in jorts and a Big Dog shirt, leading the vanguard of fashion.

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All of y’all about to see the early 2000s come back in style. You’re not ready for it.

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2020 is when jorts come back for real, mark my words

Facebook mom post about how buttermilk biscuits prevent COVID-19

Behind a CW, what are some questions of etiquette or social decorum that you have? I'm going to answer them for you honestly and truthfully

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