Played some catch with my son tonight and he’s just so determined to do his best at things, it’s really great

@derek I mean, that you can remember how to diagram a sentence at all is pretty amazing to me

@LaComtesseRouge Getting upset at a talented director just because he doesn't care for a gigantic media franchise? Absurd!

@LaComtesseRouge definitely not review bombing Dune with half star reviews or anything like that

@LaComtesseRouge People are very mad at Denis because he doesn't like Marvel movies

@phillyis there’s a guy that *always* thanks the management team and I have to fight so hard not to visibly roll my eyes

Every meeting ends with people brown nosing too. Just stop talking, we can go whenever you stop talking

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If everyone refuses to talk meetings will end a lot faster

@wicche I don't want to be yelled at today so I'm simply sending messages to my colleagues instead of saying these things out loud

@wicche instead of ever having a meeting, simply email me instead

please look at fat Albert the world's largest polar bear and an absolute unit iirc he weighs around 450 kg

We've been asked by management to spend some time thinking about what we would like to meet about in the future

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Not like I have anything else that I was hoping to do today

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Love to have a completely surprise "catch up" meeting that lasts a whole damn hour

@infernusgoatus yeah, I guess that's what I mean, it's not like they had a choice but IBM, Coca-cola, etc, definitely did

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