I've only been a Pinkerton for 6 years, okay? It's not problematic because I needed a good job and my dad worked there and got me in.

They pay me 120k a year and the benefits are great but I need a little money for rent

You can't get mad at me about this because I have anxiety

@Thomas the grifting kills me more than the job

they;re both bad tho

@Taweret it's the thing that bothers me the most too. Like fuck you for working at Lockheed but fuck you even more for scamming people while you're at it.

@Thomas when i've had to ask for money it was humiliating and made me feel terrible and i can't imagine doing that if you were doing just fine

@Taweret it's awful and manipulative. They know they don't actually need the money but they have a following large enough to get it. It's predatory.

@Thomas like you can just have a patron or kofi and let people know its to support your writing or wevs. thats fine

crowdfunding groceries and doordash from your 2000 sq ft home that you own and while making good money is something else entirely

@Taweret absolutely right. It's a different thing to say, "hey, please support my art"

@Thomas @Taweret thats it ive had it im rejoining the fucking air force

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