I made this meme so these likes and retweets belong to me but nobody knows it.


This is also relevant in this situation. The desire to "abandon" the south is inherently racist

@Thomas Massachusetts, home of only the most ally-orientated, hybrid-driving absolute segregation

@Thomas it's always wild for me to see this and try to imagine living in not the south and then i realize "oh yeah, that's how you get people like the mormons"

@Thomas kinda wish there were 0-5% and 5-10% steps on this, I think California would look slightly better (or at least every other western state would look worse)

@Thomas My reason is, while there are some good people, I, as a non-binary queer person, am in danger from these people.

@arcade what if I told you that the same thing is equally true in every other part of the country and that the things you think make the South different are not the will of the people but rather the result of generations of disenfranchisement and political dominance by a white minority resulting in policies abusive to LGBTQ+ people and people of color? That non-binary queer people in Mississippi don’t deserve to be abandoned. There aren’t *some* good people there are *mostly* good people

@arcade I mean, it’s literally the point of the OP. I’m talking about human beings not political positions. You’re not any more in danger in Atlanta than you are in NYC or wherever liberal enclave makes a big blue spot on the map and the implication that somehow the South is some mob of rednecks out to get queer people is an offensive stereotype that’s not representative of reality.

@arcade the idea that rural Tennessee is somehow more dangerous to POC and LGBTQ+ people than rural Pennsylvania for example is an offensive stereotype. If you think someone’s gonna call over Bubba and the boys to kick your ass just because you’re in a red state, you’re wrong. In fact I’d wager the people in Tennessee would be more likely to be kind to you than the people in Pennsylvania, whether or not they like you

@Thomas i was talking more rural Georgia than rural Tennessee. Tennessee actually sounds like a great place to live, if I had a job there.

@Thomas from my experience though, it isn't. I've been much safer in rural Vermont than Georgia. I'm glad not everyone feels that way but I do.

@Thomas i lived in Harris county. My experience probably wasn't what most people receive, but being called slurs at school on the regular wasn't great.

@Thomas oh also, sorry, I'm a minor, i didn't read ur bio B4 interacting

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