…someone out there is gonna jerk off to the orc tits, huh?

@Thomas legitimately can't tell if this is serious or not

@Thomas like the screenshot, not someone jerking off to weird feral jerky people

@Blakely @root for real, if there’s an orc with knockers that’s all it’ll take. Whole new communities of orc crankers

@Blakely @root I hope for their sake that the female orc is fucking *stacked*

@Thomas @Blakely i hope she has a massive schlong like female hyenas

@root @Blakely full frontal orc nudity by episode 3 or we fucking riot


@Blakely @root “yeah, I’ve never missed an episode. 3rd one really set a high bar that I’m still waiting for them to top. Yeah, yeah, the uh… the battle scene for sure”

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