Well, today I learned that the cute AI writing program will pop up a content warning for potentially “objectionable” content

@Pixley I’ve just been having it write film treatments and it decided “erotic” meant “pornographic” in one instance

@Pixley I do, I was just surprised at how specific it got (very)

@mood @Thomas it's truly so funny that out of all the women in the world, it chose: Kate Beckinsale

@Thomas @mood while we're here: what's a real-life example of an "erotic comedy", Thomas

@Pixley @mood @Thomas is that different than sex farce because fully half of movies between 1965 and 1975 were sex farces

@alex @mood @Thomas it feels different to me, because a sex farce isn't supposed to actually get you horny, and if something is described as "erotic" I think it's supposed to get you horny

@Pixley @alex @mood yeah, sex comedy and romantic comedy aren’t the same as erotic comedy

@Pixley @alex @mood just [insert studio that makes a lot of garbage or streaming service that nobody wants]

@Thomas @mood @Pixley @alex what's deeply upsetting is that this actually isn't far from the truth

@infernusgoatus @mood @Pixley @alex y’all it’s important for me that y’all know I have been generating additional story points for the Unnamed Kissinger Erotic Comedy but not like, in a weird way

@Pixley @alex @infernusgoatus @Thomas “eyyyy henry im doin’ diplomacy ova heyah! das vidanya, all right all right already”

@Thomas @Pixley @alex didn’t take the low-hanging fruit of “kiss” in the name. we’ve got a real auteur here. a new voice

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