How many of you have a (decorative) skull in your home? Can be any kind of skull, but not currently in use

@Thomas @breakfastgolem few things would look more ridiculous and out of place in my home than a skull

@Thomas @radicalrobit I want a skull of some kind mounted to a trophy plaque so I can hang it on my wall.

@Thomas @radicalrobit My original idea was a javelina head a la The Royal Tenenbaums (but a fake head) but somehow I think that would look more ostentatious and weird than a skull of some sort.

@BDA keeping the tag on in case you have to return it? I hate to tell you this but Spirit Halloween is closed until October

@Thomas @BDA it's like beanie babies, the tag has to be mint to preserve the resale value

@Thomas i just don't want people to be confused about what it is

@Thomas i managed to get in just before the skull market went out of control

@sexybenfranklin @Thomas three dots is the disneyland of tiki bars (yes i know there's a tiki room at disney) but i actually don't have any three dots mugs

@alex @sexybenfranklin I would go there. We don't have a tiki bar here but we have a "pirate" bar that's just a shitty bar with the occasional piece of pirate stuff on the wall

@alex @Thomas I've actually never been. I was too cheap when I did drink and now I have more money, I don't spend it on booze.

@alex @Thomas I think we'd get a discount because my wife works for that group. Maybe we'll go sometime.

@Thomas like a real one? I have a possum skull in the barn

@Pixley oh yeah, absolutely. Real or fake as long as it's being used as decor

@Thomas well then I've got a real possum skull in the barn and several little clay skulls tucked under my television, I bid on a bunch of skulls in an auction recently but lost all of them

@Thomas they were all deer skulls, mounted with their antlers, and they were SO pretty. I found a bunch on Etsy but it doesn't feel as cool as buying them from a locally beloved German restaurant closing its doors

@Thomas we have a decorative candy skull mug, does that count?

@Thomas I have a top set of dentures that I found on the side of the road 14 years ago which I guess is technically a skull accessory?

@Thomas a longhorn skull hanging over the living room couch, a coyote skull on the reindeer hide on our sideboard, a deer skull and a rabbit skull, a skull mug for candy on the bar, a bunch of 3D printed T-rex skulls on the bar

@Thomas How strict is your skull criteria? We have many skull-shaped items but not an actual bone skull.

@Thomas got a sheep's skull suspended with fishing line in a copper wire hexagonal prism. i want to put the other sheep's skull on the door but my partner vetoed it. i also have a sheep's spine that i want to make into the stand for a desk-lamp.
i got a whole bag full of jaw bones, ribs, leg-bones. my partner thinks it's very creepy

@Thomas when your head is empty, you carry your own decorative skull around with you :danny:

@Thomas I have two, one is fake the other is real (given to me as a gift)

@ChaosSkeleton @Thomas that's a groundhog! They've got that distinctive semi-scooped triangle between the eyes

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