They should bring back making children’s cartoons out of adult films like they did with Beetlejuice or Toxic Avenger

@Thomas Ghost busters, men in black, heard good things about those too.

@Thomas I learned about it when one of the janky tv channels was showing the RoboCop TV show and when i went to look up this weird show i was watching, Wikipedia was like "do you mean the live action show or the cartoon, for children" and i was like "the what"

@Pixley I know it wasn’t but I wish that it was incredibly violent

@Thomas did you ever see the watchman Saturday morning cartoon parody someone made?

@Thomas to be fair, they could probably make a pretty good cartoon if they based it off Beyond Thunderdome

@Thomas They go in to the Shimmer and make a friend who teaches them about responsibility and caring for the environment.

@Thomas absolutely perfect, each week they’d meet some new goofy monster they have to help

@Thomas They made an MIB cartoon which I remember nothing of except that the opening fucking whipped


dude have you seen that Peter Dinklage is the new Toxic Avenger??

@radicalrobit @Thomas

yeah that feels inauthentic, doesn't it? unless that's all being spent on a single rubber suit.

@cicatriz_jdr @radicalrobit @Thomas i don't think that can possibly be true...but everyone involved in this movie is awesome

@Thomas there was a Rambo cartoon, so basically what I'm saying is I completely agree

Best children's morning cartoon series of an adult film has to be the Hanna-Barbera adaption of Godzilla

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