An elevated action movie? You mean Air Force One (1997) starring Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman?

@Thomas @neoncoughh even in a shitpost we must follow the style guide

@BDA @Thomas hahaha this is what I was thinking, like how the NYTimes does "N.B.A." in all of its articles etc

@neoncoughh @BDA I usually only do it if there are remakes or multiple movies with that title, but yes, correct

@BDA @neoncoughh It's in the Criterion Collection and I watched it and it's, unfortunately, terrible

@Thomas @neoncoughh i believe Will Sloan of the Important Cinema Club once described nudie cuties as "the stupidest movie genre ever invented"

@BDA @neoncoughh it's weirdly sexless. Just like topless people hanging out in a sculpture garden.

@neoncoughh @BDA @Thomas I've heard it said it was very difficult to see naked people in the pre-VHS era

@derek @neoncoughh @BDA Doris Wishman actually directed a bunch of them and many are on the Criterion Channel.

@Thomas @neoncoughh @BDA Hall of Fame title, you only have two boxes to check

@derek @neoncoughh @BDA that's right, haha. I was like, "well, my interest is piqued"

@derek @Thomas @neoncoughh to be fair it *does* deliver on the title, which makes it all the more remarkable that it manages to be completely boring in the process

@BDA @derek @neoncoughh oh yeah, it sucks. The astronauts don't even get into a good astronaut adventure or anything. They just stumble into The Garden of Knockers and then leave

@BDA @derek @neoncoughh There's a VERY long sequence that's just no dialogue at all panning around people hanging out on a lawn. It felt like it was 30 minutes long but it was probably more like 5

@BDA @derek @neoncoughh they had to wear those codpieces to hide their raging erections from seeing big ol honkers

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@neoncoughh @Thomas nudist camp movies were ruled not to be obscene by the courts so for a while it was one of the few ways you could make porn legally

@neoncoughh @Thomas to modern eyes of course these movies are ridiculously chaste but i guess if you were used to jerking off to the sears catalogue an actual boob would've sent you into full tex avery wolf mode

@neoncoughh @BDA @Thomas yeah lots of stuff that was broadly categorized as """documentary""" or """special interest""" was basically a legal way to have nudity onscreen, going back to like hygiene films and stuff

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