People pitched bitcoin as a currency. Can you even imagine. "Oh, all businesses will take bitcoin soon!" Imagine paying your electric bill and by the time they process it you haven't sent them enough lol

@Thomas imaging spending like 500 dollars just to electronically send the transaction

@radicalrobit nonono! That amount is going to drop for some reason don't ask me any questions

@Thomas going to a vending machine and spending 701.50 on a single bottle of iced tea

@Thomas I tried to get a bitcoin wallet working when I heard about the dude who bought a pizza for 10,000 bitcoins. It’s weird to think about how close I was to accidentally making like $100k by accident as a teen. It probably would have turned me into a pretty insufferable type of guy tho so I figure I made out on this deal

@Timmy I knew a guy in college that got into it early and I thought it was the dumbest thing I ever heard maybe because the guy was pretty annoying

@Thomas @Timmy I had a guy send me some back in the day as ~a gesture~ and I was like "sure yeah okay" and then never thought about it again. That wallet's long long gone

@infernusgoatus @Thomas I saw the articles about a guy buying a pizza, then halfway through downloading the ~40gb ledger to set up a wallet or whatever I was like “this sucks shit, I’m out”

@Thomas it was right there the whole time


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