The biggest problem with my entire generation is graphic tees but I want to buy this one

Also this one that I shared the other day which is very funnily meant to be a slam by some right wing dipshit and not a threat


I've shared a ton of dumb tee shirts that I want and I realized I have like a 5 page favorites list on Etsy that's only graphic tees

@Mnemonic those have buttons though! They don't count as a tee shirt.

@Thomas Ah okay, I thought it was the same because it's called a hawai shirt and it's always a 'buttons' one :p

@Mnemonic I have a few hawaiian shirts as well. They're perfect for summer! I mean more like a shirt with a band name or something printed on it

@Thomas I got a few of those, but the latest printed t-shirts like are ones :heart_cyber:

I had a great bright blue one with a photo(shop) of a seagull wearing a bowler-hat and smoking a cigar, it went to rest in pieces because of a bramble bush forest.

Oeh wait I got one that will make you laugh, wait a sec...

Well you don't have to wait, but tada:

Maybe you already know them, but these are pretty cool (mostly sold out though):

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