@Thomas I mostly use their Africa smell, I'll need to try Anarchy next if it comes throug to the UK.

@Thomas "dark pomegranate", I see men aren't safe from the trend of adding an adjective to a fragrance ingredient to pretend it's some rare new botanical (white strawberry, fresh bamboo, crushed ginger)

@Louisa @Thomas "DARK POMEGRANATE" !? incredible. ordering this at my next Man Brunch.

@alex @touk @Louisa a man can’t smell like pomegranate! Now, DARK pomegranate, that’s a different story

That Heli on the scetchy picture of "Anarchy" gives me a dystopian feeling.

"Dark Pommegranate and Sandalwood". I can't help it, but whenever I smell a sprayed deodorant I name it "Heavy Stench".

@unsuspicious Axe is just marketed exclusively to men as like a tough guy scent that gets all the girls

@Thomas ah yeah now I remember.

so, I need to transition to smell like an anarchist? I am so confused! waiting for further instructions..

@unsuspicious we'll have to write a letter to the kind folks at Axe to find out

@unsuspicious I'm not sure they've ever said it's NOT for women, you just have to expect to be mobbed by ladies that want to kiss you

@Thomas doing an anarchy by spraying on my AXE Anarchy body spray before going to a city council meeting to complain about street-involved people loitering outside the bookstore I shoplift from while sexually harassing the staff.

@wjmaggos @Thomas

I recall teen spirit smelled like weed, Taco Bell, and Polo Crest.


Sandalwood and pomegranate. It's not anarchy, but it's certainly got that olives-and-chocolate-pudding vibe: You may like both separately, but together is NOT a wise choice.

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