They were replying pretty quickly and then they stopped so maybe they caught on

Realized I never answered their question about my age so I went ahead and did that. Apparently Batman is somewhere between 26 and 40 depending on the comic or movie so I was just honest about my age

This is Joya by the way. Definitely. This is really who I’m talking to

Joya is trying to make sure I’m legit. Lucky for us, I am prepared

The Gotham thing may catch me out but I have to try

@finn I'm going to keep trying to get them to catch on and see how far I can take it

@parenthetical I’m fairly confident they’re about to ask me for money

@Thomas beat him to the punch by asking to set up swingers weekend

@parenthetical yipes, didn't even think of it that way, more about sharing money with partners

@extinct we’ll see if it gets there. I also want her to know that my name is Bruce

@Thomas your hobby is donating money to your haters to keep yourself motivated

@Thomas took me way too long to figure out you were doing bruce wayne here

@Thomas you have formed a club, or league if you will, with your friends, focused on justice

@Thomas this is literally a high stakes white collar crime drama in real time and it's riveting

@starwall Bruce Wayne is too savvy to be scammed in this way unless it's Catwoman on the other end

@Thomas lmao at using this model's photo though imagine a real human being existing in as white of a space as that

@parenthetical I’m gonna try to see how far we can go. I already have more casual Christian Bale pics ready

@parenthetical @Thomas oh, have I got a treat for you. Look on Youtube for "connor mcdavid house" if you're not aware he's an NHL star and for some reason he gave a tour of his remodelled house that contains large swathes of white space and is otherwise stiflingly sterile

@foggy I hadn’t even thought to look since I already know it’s a fake

@Thomas @foggy

You may not be the hero Gotham needs, but you're certainly the one this scammer deserves. Good hunting, Batman!

@Thomas make sure you’re upfront about having a dependent — it would be awkward for robin if she didn’t know about him

@Thomas extinct can attest to the fact that i am literally fucking dying in voicechat over this thread rn

@Thomas part of me wishes that joya talks about having been born in the dark.

@MmeLibertine I cannot tell you the joy that I felt when she set up that last line

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