My unsolicited advice to young people is to wear earplugs when you go to the rock show. You will absolutely 100% regret it someday if you don't!

I promise you will still be able to hear the music and also you won't spend your 30s asking anyone standing to your right to repeat themselves

@Thomas I'm in my 30's and I ask people to repeat themselves anyway, due to my delay in getting wtf ppl are saying to me (there's a proper name for this but I'm having a blank on it rn. 😅).

@Thomas 100% agree , after Corps training and jumping in out of Helos I have damage. Still go to metal concerts but always wear plugs, I want to be able to listen to metal until I die.

@Thomas @remotenemesis this. They make inexpensive earplugs for musicians that have a close to flat frequency suppression curve, so that wearing them doesn’t change how the music sounds. Wear the plugs, enjoy more concerts longer. I always have and I have never regretted it.

@Thomas Never really got why the sound in those concerts isn't just lower ._.

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