All movies should be available on one streaming service simply called The Movies

If I were President this would be my number one priority

Mr. President, the economy is collapsing, what are you going to do?

There's only one solution: nationalize all streaming services

I don't really care about TV shows, they can just go wherever, if there were a separate streaming service for that, it would be fine

@Thomas sending in seal team six to eliminate Mickey Mouse and reopen the Disney vault

@conatus The Disney vault is despicable. I will take the vault by force and depose the Mouse. I'll back Donald in a coup

@Thomas nono, it's totally reasonable and worth paying a lot more for the right of massive companies to play platform and/or hardware exclusivity turf wars. now if you'll excuse me, i need to dig out my Columbia Records player to listen to Blood on the Tracks.

@whiskeysailor They can't be on The Movies streaming service, it's called The Movies.

@Thomas next your going to tell my music won't be allowed either!

@whiskeysailor There will be a separate music service but it's just Spotify Premium

@Thomas well, as the director of the Youtube Music Party you have definitely lost our endorsement. The half a dozen voters will know about this

@Thomas I'm still waiting for the MoviePass of streaming services

@infernusgoatus I still have my MoviePass card for the day that they come back


All movies and serial shows should be available on ALL streaming service called however they want to.

Fuck exclusivity.

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