@Thomas I don't know any thing about that guy and i already love 'em

@Thomas LMAO

but also

Nooooooo they are coming to the fediverse.

@jason123santa @Thomas I am pretty sure it is. They probably just forked it and changed some design elements.

@Thomas @tkmr21 The interface is just an unfederated mastodon...

@Thomas Hopefully the same thing as happened to Gab happens to that site eventually

@Thomas I told him to use the Fediverse. He listened, maybe not specifically to me but rather to the crowd. As much as people dislike Trump, it was a good oppertunity to promote fediverse services and FOSS. I'm glad this site is coming up and it's based on Mastodon!

@mattmadness that sucks, why would you encourage those awful people to join the fediverse?

@Thomas I just wanted to help with adding more people to the network. I also recently discovered they don't even have the abilities of the Fediverse, so I guess we could look at this two ways: 1) my mission of introducing more people to the network failed 2) everyone there is just in that one place. I do believe that regardless of my recommendation, they would communicate elsewhere. We shouldn't waste effort trying to ban Trump supp. from the Fediverse, let alone the Internet.

@Thomas Someone with Trump's money and power could create a more popular censorship free platform. I see my family members who are looking for Facebook alternatives and follow Trump, and so something Trump could make will suit them well. I see now however, his mission is to create a bubble of curated and walled-garden type news, and that's NOT what I wanted and I don't support it.

He has every right to use Mastodon source code, however. That's not the issue.

@mattmadness @Thomas have you considered that inviting socially radioactive political pariahs to the Fediverse could drive current users away from it? i don't want to have to tell people that i use the social media network shared by the coocoo supporters of a disgraced criminal. have you considered that when potential new users learn about their presence here, that they would decide against signing up? dumbass?

@mattmadness @Thomas However well-meaning this may have been, FOSS doesn't need promotion and as we have seen from much of Pleroma, neither does Fedi. It is a good thing that they immediately self-silo'd. Just because they use open source software doesn't make it good, and by the way they were attempting to be closed-source anyway, they were just very bad at implementation.

This is a bad idea. What Mastodon needs is more streamlined allowlist federation. Anything-goes federation harms users.

@mattmadness @Thomas PS on the off chance you have been cross posting other people's material from here to Twitter or elsewhere, which we've seen some increases of lately, please don't do that without express permission, whether it's to promote a cause (like FOSS or Fedi) or because the post is good/bad, etc. Not saying you have done this, but since we've seen more recently, it's relevant when discussing the promotion of Mastodon and its public image.

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