Literally have said out loud or typed “the problem is capitalism” at least 5 or 6 times in the past day


Climate change? War? The American healthcare system? Shitty movies? Can’t buy a house? Eel shortage? Car broke down right after the warranty ran out? The problem, as always, is capitalism

pretty gross song actually but also funny 

pretty gross song actually but also funny 

@ugla Are The British Okay

pretty gross song actually but also funny 

@schratze nei

@schratze yeah, basically a ton of factors including warming oceans, the North Pacific garbage patch, and overexploitation have lead to massive declines (80%-90%) in eel populations. Eels are *extremely* difficult to breed for aquaculture because they require specific conditions in order to do so. Even “farm raised” eel is actually wild caught baby eels that have been raised in captivity.

@binchicken @schratze we kind of get it but temperature and a bunch of other factors have to be perfect for the eel to metamorphose the final time (submissive and breedable variant) and it’s hard to replicate. The Sargasso Sea filling with garbage is a huge problem for them

@binchicken @schratze eel is such a massive industry in Japan that losing 80% of their catches is catastrophic so they are pushing hard for aquaculture to work and they’re starting to get results. China is getting good at it too

@Thomas @schratze yeah, we know they do it, and we've even seen them do it, but we just aren't good at setting up the right vibe for them to get bizzay

@binchicken @Thomas we don't even know how human sex works so what do you expect

@binchicken @schratze I do, however, require a certain body temperature, salinity, and presence of sargassum to finish though

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