A Nissan Leaf goes 0-60 in around 6 seconds which is just a tiny bit slower than my 5.6 liter hemi Dodge Charger R/T, why aren't they telling everyone that?

A Mustang is barely sub-6 seconds. You could beat one off the line in your Leaf and absolutely win a 1/4 mile

Advertise the Nissan Leaf as a high performance car and you will sell so many more

Are tuners into these? I feel like the style is right up their alley. Not sure how hard they are to fuck around with though


Just imagine you're at a stop light next to a mustang and you roll down the window and challenge the other driver (you can't just rev your engine, obvs) and then you just fucking blow their doors off in your Nissan Leaf

The 2021 Mini Cooper Electric 0-60 in sub 7 seconds. You can definitely mod that down below 5 IMO

There's the Kia Nero which, despite better performance is so clearly a badge engineered Hyundai Kona. They didn't even try

Anyway, that Kia SUV does a standing 1/4 mile in under 15 seconds.

@Thomas To be fair, every Kia and Hyundai are badge engineered from each other. There's very few original models in either lineup. Only one that I can think of that comes to mind is the Kia Stinger.

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