What's the most interesting or cool or fun thing that you started doing during the pandemic?

I quit painting at all because of pandemic depression but then got back into it by streaming and re-energized my hobby.

I recorded some silly "podcasts'.

I started eating tamago kake gohan any time I have breakfast and now I can't live without it

I recently started going to the gym for the first time in my life really and I learned that I actually really like it. Pretty cool, imo

@Thomas maybe the calligraphy but also working w the food solidarity group based at the local anarchist squat is fun

@Thomas doing makeup videos was fun. my life got too chaotic to keep that up but i might consider getting back into it eventually

also i just really started putting more effort into transition and i've already done several things that seemed insurmountable so that's rad

@PhoebeWallerPalladino yeah, it's dope for sure. Been cool to kind of hear about your plans and whatnot tbh. I liked when you did the makeup vid, thought that was really cool

@PhoebeWallerPalladino thanks, haha! I did too but I had to switch to a work computer and they won't let me install Audacity so I stopped recording it

@Thomas mine’s birding, i think. really appreciating their place in urban spaces and the fact that our cities are built to deny nature entirely rather than in concert with it, and getting out on walks to places i would otherwise never think to visit

i grabbed some photos of the endangered piping plovers that nest on chicago lakefront, and discovered that there’s a whole bird sanctuary out there, so with PT to work on my knee issues, my new goal is to bike there and back before the end of summer

@r4v5 that's awesome! I started bird watching a bit too but just in my backyard with a little scope. It's been great

@Thomas i suppose running counts since i started it during the pandemic

@Thomas I got really into watercolors and history books, I read a bunch of books about the Bronze Age and have been tracking books down that fill the big gaps in my historical knowledge, I took a little break from both of those but I'm working on getting back into them!

@checkervest I was going to say that I haven't seen your watercolors in a while! You did a thread of requests and painted an orangutan for me that was great

@Thomas aw thank you so much, that is very very kind. I haven't done anything artistic since March but I'm going to try to get that going again this weekend!

@Thomas yeah! and a lot easier than i would have thought tbh

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