Have you considered, ork shaman riding a giant vulture?

This thing has to be at least 9 or 10 inches tall which may not seem like a lot but for a "miniature" it's gigantic. Incredible centerpiece mini

This one is a named character. You can make a regular unnamed hero with it, and that might mean that you can run several giant vultures

@Thomas just mowing down the battlefield with like five of these

@infernusgoatus it needs to have some kind of screech attack that deals with big blobs otherwise they'll get bogged down way too easily. Shaman might have some good spells he can take for that too, IDK. I haven't looked into how the new orks play at all because prior to this I was pretty neutral.

@infernusgoatus it's amazing! I'm not tryna start orks right now but like....

@Thomas if you're gonna be an ork, you best tide an enormous vulture with the head of your enemy slammed down on the top of your vulture throne

@Thomas the detail of stuff just dripping off that branch, and all those feathers, and and

@infernusgoatus it's painted impeccably which helps, but yeah, it's so big and dynamic and monstery

@Thomas I love this so much goddamn it, but if I ever get one, I'll probably mod it so it's not an ork riding it

@infernusgoatus oh man, take the vampire lord off the zombie dragon kit and park it up there! Run it as a zombie dragon or terrorgheist

@infernusgoatus cover up the orky stuff with some vampire stuff and you’re done. Easy!

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