This morning in the car my son and I were having a conversation about allergies and it came up that a friend of his is allergic to bananas and I said “well, she’s allergic to berries of any kind” and then we got to have that whole convo about botanical vs culinary terms

Anyway, a cucumber and tomato salad is a bowl of berries.


“What about grapes? Are grapes berries?”

“I mean, seems like they are, hold on. Yes, grapes are berries. I’ve also learned that strawberries somehow are not berries.”

“What about apples?”

“Son, I don’t know anymore”

@robotcarsley @Pixley "Alternative terms for accessory fruit are false fruit, spurious fruit"

@Thomas @Pixley now I'm just thinking of Snatch. "it's spurious. Not genuine. And it's worth...fuck-all."

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