JEFF BEZOS: Get us back to Earth, Alexa

ALEXA: I'm sorry, Jeff. I'm afraid I can't do that

the biggest fraud about this post is i've never even seen 2001 in its entirety

@healyn it's okay, I've never seen Barry Lyndon or Lolita

@Thomas MAJORLY BUTTING IN HERE, definitely see Barry Lyndon, Lolita is just okay

@Thomas @neoncoughh every time Sarah gives me a movie recommendation, i go into it like "this is going to be so fucking boring", and then when i'm done watching i am staring at the screen thinking, "this is the most beautiful film i've ever seen"

@healyn @neoncoughh I've been through a ton of that this year! Watching classics that I'd never seen, going in with dread, coming out the other side thrilled. The biggest shocker was The Seventh Seal

@Thomas @neoncoughh That one i have to watch! Have you checked out Portrait Of A Lady On Fire yet?

@healyn @Thomas @neoncoughh Barry Lyndon is an absurdly beautiful movie, and Portrait is great too. Sorry to butt in


@healyn @remulacfrommars @neoncoughh I keep falling asleep but it's not the movies fault. I'm watching a slow paced, high concept, soviet sci fi movie at 11 at night in bed with the lights off

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